The Vegie Patch

garden project

The Project – To grow food for ourselves and guests – Build a larger vegie garden – Crop Rotation – Irrigation from the dam

We now have the expanded vegetable garden.  It is close to 60 square metres, (from 18 square metres.)  It still needs a gate, and I’m not sure about netting over the top. By summer I will know!

The upgraded vegie patch

The upgraded vegie patch

A crop rotation plan has been included in the layout.  To find out more:


Crop rotation plan

The dam from which we will pump water to the vegetable garden is down a slope in the valley, about 120 metres away.  We have changed our minds – more than once, on the best method of getting water to our garden.  Options are:

fire pump by the dam and pump water to a holding tank near the garden, then another pump and irrirgation system or hose to water plants,

connect a pump directly to an irrigation system

pump water up to a holding tank on a stand, then gravity feed water to plants.

…….still deciding.

Lily's Dam

Lily’s Dam

After an initial clean up, more planting and mulching, we have this:

chilliA variety of chillies.  Some extremely hot.  If  the tomatoes were ripe, I’d be making chilli and tomato jam.  We’v also had a feast of self sown rocket, potatoes and peas.

cucumbersI’ve separated the chives, planted some cucumbers and am still waiting for some seeds to sprout.




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