Australian Forest Garden

We’ve had our first couple of dead trees taken down.  They will be our winter fire wood. It was dramatic watching them come down, disturbing, eerie, sounds of a tree creaking, as it topples, then crashes to the ground.IMG_0413

The Garden Path

The Garden Path

Our acreage is situated amongst Dry Sclerophill forest and rainforest.  Part of the acreage has been cleared for cattle.  We have no cattle here.  We do have 3 agisted horses.


– To blend our Dry Sclerophill Forest and Rainforest with a touch of garden.

– To create pathways to nature’s beautiful nooks and crannies on our acres

– To plant a tree for every one we remove

– To do it with the greatest respect for the very old, beautiful trees, and our rainforest creatures and vegetation

Not far from here is the dam

Not far from this Mahogany tree is the dam

With a little bit of clearing one can now wander to the dam to listen to the frogs:

Great Reeds Dam

Great Reeds Dam



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