Ironcore Pyrography Machine

Ironcore Pyrography Machine and nibs

Pyrogrpahy – Making art with fire!  Well almost.  Once upon a time it would have been done quite differently.  Now it is commonly done using an electrical pyrography machine – basically an electrical transformer with a handle and a nib attached.  The one above is the one I bought.

After putting down Cypress Pine flooring in the cabin, and Spotted Gum on the deck we had a lot of scrap material left over.  I didn’t want to see it go to waste.  My birthday gift from mum and dad was some money.  I decided to do something creative with it.  These are early days of a new hobby for me.


These paintings are done on small pieces of scrap floor boards.  They are quite small.  I look forward to doing some larger work, but I’m still learning how to use the nibs, and how to control the heat.  The beautiful woman above, was burned onto Cypress Pine.   This one onto Spotted Gum.


I’ve done another couple on paper, and on an old dressing table.  The dressing table isn’t finished yet…it ain’t easy.

The different canvases are challenging and provide great learning experiences.


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