It took a while to start.  There was council building approval, fire rating, owner builder course, and waiting.  In fact there is always something one is waiting for so it seems when building.  We are now waiting for the Christmas and New Year break to finish, so we can get tradesmen to do electricals and plumbing.  But look how far we’ve come –

From that first turning of earth  img_0789












to this-


Viewed from the north

Col Jack, our builder, was amazing to observe.  He is a perfectionist, who loves what he does.  Here is  a house he built in Tanja:

Unfortunately, other houses I have seen of his, I don’t have photos of, but he loves his timbers, and asthetics.   He works well with Keith and has been a great teacher.

Here is the way it all went up:


That’s Col Jack.


Keith dressed for building.


With no power, a generator was essential, under the shelter of a beautiful Spotted Gum.


The scaffolding


Yay! First Cypress Pine posts.


Beautiful Cypress Pine


Starting to take shape.



Before we could contine, the floor had to be braced.  It could have been done in various ways, but this was a robust attractive way that appealed to both builder and owner.


























This is the western wall.  What you see here is the kitchen window in the centre.  On the south side of the window is the bathroom, on the north side the lounge/bedroom.


The interior is still incomplete, but some furniture has already been bought, along with the kitchen sink.


Right side of the bed is the entry to the bathroom. Left side of the bed a cupboard/wardrobe. Doors will be sliding.


Lily and Col’s dog Ninja love being here.

Now that things are taking shape there will be more stories and pictures to come.  Right now though it’s Christmas Eve, and I’ve been sitting here trying to get to know this wordpress harmonic theme again….time to get off the computer!  Have a wonderful Christmas.

















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