The clearing has begun!  Building plans are ready.  We just need to add road distances from our place to various intersections.  We also need to get our BAL report done.  We are going to have the report done professionally to avoid any errors.  We are wanting the site to be considered as “managed lands” s one description, or “managed gardens” is another description.  We have been doing quite a lot of clearing to fit into one of those criteria, and there is still a lot more to do.


Dead Wood

I don’t like cutting down trees, but there is dead wood that has to go.  Fortunately, sometimes the clearing reveals hidden gems.

beautiful belly

This tree is still hidden in depths of fresh and old growth.  She still has to be found, but one can now sit on/by her, enjoy quietly, watching birdlife dance across the dam, and breathe in nature’s fresh, alive air.

Before clearing

Before clearing

After clearing

After clearing

As you can see, we try and remove as little as possible.  The idea will always be to keep as much as possible, turning some of the bush into native forest garden that can be walked through and appreciated.


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