Winter Vegetables

Our upgraded vegetable patch – from   the original vegie patch

to this:

The upgraded vegie patch

The upgraded vegie patch

We still need a gate, and then we wait.  If the birds become too problematic we will net the garden, if not, I may get away with plants netted when necessary.  That’s what I’m hoping for.  I love the open look.  I’m not sure what to do with the long posts if we don’t net, but I’m sure they will be used creatively.

As can be seen from: IMG_0575There is a plan.

In bed number 3 – Fruit/ Root vegetables, there are now, leeks, and garlic on the far side, sprouting beautifully.

Bed number 2 – Leaf/ Brassicas has red and green cabbage, broccoli, spinach and lettuce making there appearance.

Bed number 1 – I’ve added very little, some peas, and broadbeans along with a couple of self sown peas.  There are potatoes and pumpkin planted before the new design/system.  So far I have found 2 pumpkins, yay.  There have been lots of flowers, but not much to show for them.

The permanent bed remains the same – leftovers of the previous garden.  I will eventually plant berries, rhubarb, and I’d like to give asparagus a try.

We are also in the process of establishing a bit more of an orchard.  We have bought two more citrus trees, a lime and an orange.  The lemon, mandarin and Kaffir lime are planted near the water tank, and I’m not convinced it’s the best place for them.  It may be a bit too windy and a bit too wet. We will see.

The other thing we will need to consider is frost.  We had our first light frost yesterday morning.  I wasn’t sure if we would get frost up by the house, but now I know, so what we plant, and where, will now have to be thought out, with frost in mind.






























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