We’ve had a couple of storms here in Bermagui recently.  An electrical one, that had Lily, our Border Collie, chasing thunder until she was frothing at the mouth, and I had to hold onto her inside, until it was over.  That storm left this stunning sunset.

After the Storm

After the Storm

Both are mine!

The other storm was not that literal, but left us reeling a little, adapting to the limitations of a broken ankle.   The moonboot has now been off for 2 weeks!  There is however some swelling and a bit of pain, so I’m still taking things slowly.

Progess is being made on our projects.  A couple of trees have been taken down:  https://bermaguitreechange.wordpress.com/portfolio/australian-forest-garden/ 

The vegie patch has been dismantled, and new timber and wire is waiting to be erected.  Once that starts, there will be photo progress updates.  I think it’s going to look really good and be very productive.

I’m also going to start another project.  Recipes and cooking.  I’m constantly trying and developing new recipes.  In fact it’s lunch time, and fresh bread awaits!



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