I get immense joy living in the forest at Bermagui.  Many of the trees tell a story-

sth Tilba RoadThis is part of the root system of a Spotted Gum on the South Tilba Road, not far from home.  I think It tells the story of resiliance and beauty.  At the entrance of our place we have a younger version.

Healing and surviving

Healing and surviving

Injured Spotted Gums ooze sap.  This sap becomes the food for various native fauna.  Above the injury all looks well.  Its probably around 10 metres tall with lots of new growth.  It has a way to go, before it is as strong as the older tree, but I think it too is resilient and will take a firm grip and flourish.



2 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. I love the richness of the image of the old Spotted Gum tree roots as an image for Resilience. I work with people on their healing journeys, as a strength-focused art therapist, and resilience is a frequently discussed topic: how do we not only survive the challenges of our daily lives, but also learn to thrive and grow in the flow. As I also love to take photos of the natural world around me, I am inspired by your posting to to explore the use of photography of the natural world as healing prompts. Thanks for the inspiration to be like the Spotted Gum, and continue to grow and flourish taking all the energy I need from the environment around me, while giving back to others.

    • I heard an interview on the radio with someone recently, and the two words mentioned, that helped them live through challenging times, were resillience and acceptance. That resonated for me. I’ve used nature, and photography more than once in my life to express an get through tough times. To take photos means observing, and sometimes I think it helps to observe and loose onself in the beauty of things outside of onself. Thanks for visitiing and appreciating.

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