Coming home from the Fracture Clinic in Bega on Thursday, I recieved a phone call from Jeremy, the person we sold Dwyer Cottage, our Thirroul home to.

Dwyer Cottage

Dwyer Cottage

Dwyer Cottage had celebrated 100 years last year.  This year it would become the home of a new child.  Two young children would grow up here, enjoying the lush garden and the creeks running through the property.  Dwyer Cottage was bought by people that loved it and would respect its age and history.

Jeremy phoned to let us know there had been an accident.

A car had smashed through the front of the house, and landed upside down on their bed.

Fortunately no one was home.  The owners’ young son was being treated in Sydney for a broken arm.

Leo Park and his family were in hospital due to his broken arm when a car ploughed into their Thirroul home. Picture: JEREMY PARK

Leo’s beautiful smiling face says it all.

While I was worrying about the restraints my broken ankle imposed, I’d forgotten to focus on things much more important.


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