Bermagui is surrounded by water, pristine lakes, the river, and the ocean.

Bermagui seen from the ocean

Bermagui – a view from the ocean

Bermagui hinterland is a mix of rainforest, Eucalypt forest, Mt Gulaga, and rich farming land. We live in a  forest including rainforest, river across the road, dams and gullies on the acres- lots of dewy mornings. IMG_0346 I feel more at home around rivers, streams, and lakes.  It’s one of the reasons this site is called Bermagui Tree Change rather than sea change;  but I think I’m missing beach walks almost as much as Lily.  (Yep, there are beaches here that are off leash, dog friendly, often with no one in sight). There is fun to be had by the sea and the sand, beautiful shells, sea breeze, salty air and Lily chasing anything that flies, including helicopters!

Lily's stretch of beach

The life of Lily.  Fun, fun, fun



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