Yesterday afternoon Keith brought home a Nova Cruiser, hired from Mobility Matters in Bega, for $35 a week.   Cheap for what you get –  more, comfortable, mobility, and as Geoff said, (from Mobility Matters,) a bit of fun!

just cruisin'

just cruisin’

After a couple of minutes of getting the feel of the Nova cruiser, I ditched the office chair.

This gadget’s great.  Easy to manouvre, not too heavy, incase you do have to lift it around a bit, and comfortable.  It can quite easily be moved down or up one step, to get me outside, unlike the office chair, which was a bit of a nightmare to do that with.  Why would I want to do that you ask?  We don’t have a phone landline here, and the only place we can get good mobile reception, even with Telstra, is outside.  Should be fun in winter!

My phone sits near the kitchen for recharging, and to be heard when it rings.  If I’m not in the vicinity, even with both legs operational, its a race to get to the phone, get it out the front door, and answer it before it stops ringing.  With the inadequacy of the of the office chair being used as a wheelchair or a scooter, along with my ‘push’ techniques, while avoiding obstacles, including the cat or the dog, I didn’t have a chance.

The new Nova Cruiser makes it a lot easier!

Although the real test for the Cruiser happened today.  I took it onto uneven ground – the backyard!

Until today, I hadn’t ventured into the back garden for nine days.  Nothing from the vegie patch had been picked, and new plantings hadn’t been watered.  The Nova Cruiser isn’t designed for rough terrain, so care had to be taken, but, as I discovered, the Cruiser will handle it.  The handbrakes work well, and the cushioning on the shin rest is adequate.  Good cushioning under the shin on rough terrain is essential.  Every bump is felt around the ankle.  Had I have used crutches? Well I hadn’t been game enough to try.

It was wonderful being out there.  Not that much had changed.  Unfortunately, the seeds I put in haven’t sprouted.  I’m sure they didn’t get enough water.  However, the cucumbers were orange, and huge!

cucsIf I’d not had this accident, I wouldn’t have seen these orange cucumbers.  They would have been picked well before now.  Aren’t they great!



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