For quite sometime, Marble, our cat, had been watching the glass door of our Masport stove, in the loungeroom, as if she were watching TV.  When Lily, our Border Collie joined in, I decided to see what they were tranfixed by.  A quick fumble, and look with the torch, revealed nothing.  I left the glass door opened as I put the torch away.  When I returned:

hotmarbleMarble decided she’d better have a closer look.

intheresomewhereLily quickly joined in.  Something was definitely in there!

feathertailgliderOn closer inspection

A Feathertail Glider!

I haven’t seen a Feathertail Glider since my days with WIRES, fostering and rescuing wildlife many years ago.

The Feathertail Glider is the smallest of the gliding marsupials.  This one, a female, was about 65mm long.  In the lower right corner of the photo, a section of her tail is visible – flat and feather like, longer than its body.  She seemed unharmed, so I put her outside, in a sheltered crevice of a tree, and wished her luck.

This morning she was nowhere to be seen.  Hopefully she found her family and is OK.

Since being here I have frequently shone the torch into the trees at night, in the hope of seeing wildlife…didn’t think to just check the fireplace.




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