As You can see from the Projects on the home page of Bermagui Tree Change, our dream is to share some of the beauty here, and to help people needing a bit of a retreat, time to contemplate, heal, or space to create. We have wanted to do something like this for a very long time.

First Site

First Site – House yard

Now that we have the place, and little bit of money tucked away, its time.  However there are lots of steps before we start.  Where to build –

Site 1 is on the house yard, infront of our home.  If we were to build a cabin here, there would be a bit of a water view as well as bit of a view of Mt Gulaga.  We would also have a view of the cabin form our front verandah.  close to house That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  A luscious, beautiful garden,  with a water feature, is planned for the top of the house yard.  It is a very accessible site, making building easy.  The septic system we have would be used for the cabin’s grey water waste, and power would be a breeze. For guests it would be easy access.

east side

Site 2- The Eastern side of the Gully

The Second potential site, is rather special.   Here is a very contemplative spot.  It is calm, by the still water of the dam and offers a feeling of protection. .

The Garden Path

The Garden Path

It is very secluded, yet walk through the garden path and you come to a clearing, where the horses and wallabies – and rabbits – graze.

This is the other potential building site.

westtonorthHere again, you are close to the dam, but less surrounded by trees.  It is a clearing after all.

site 3This site is closer to the road, making it easy to get building material there.  The cabin here, would probably be completely of the grid.  The cabin on site 2 would probably have power, and both cabins being near the dam would have to have composting loos and a system for dealing with grey water……Next – Council!


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