This will be the first Bermagui Christmas we will have in our new home!

Who needs a Christmas tree when there is a Blueberry Ash flowering in the garden.

blueberry ash

It has been a long road to get here, and not always easy, but we are happy and grateful.

Since being here we’ve done quite a bit.  We’ve pulled up and poisoned lots of thistle, cleared bush,  and planted vegies, and herbs.

We’ve had earth works done to put in a new drive way. earthworks


Lily loves the driveway, and the camera.  It can be a little difficult keeping her out of the shot at times.

drive 1It’s now time to enjoy the fruits of our labour (so to speak).   Everything is blossoming, and bearing fruit….

guava –  I’m not sure what this Pineapple Guava will do, but it’s flowers are stunning.  I am humbled by the beauty around me.

As I sit here writing, there is a sunshower outside, a surreal afternoon glow, a mist….

sunshower….Looking north –

xmas rbowI am gtateful.


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