Goanna Up a Gum Tree

Lily our Border Collie has keen vision.  The other morning she barked fiercely at something I hadn’t spotted, and had to search for.

It was a Goanna, heading up a gum tree.  It has stayed around, and has been up and down the same tree a few times.   I watched it for quite a while this morning, wanting to get a closer look as it descended.  I walked back insidethe house momentarily, thinking it would still be there when I returned, but within minutes it was gone.

Go Anna Up a gum tree

Go Anna Up a gum tree


LIzzi's rearHere is a photo from the rear.  Great feet.  I do wonder if it has a tail injury.

On Kangaroo Island the goannas wiped out the entire rabbit population by eating rabbit kittens in their burrows.  http://stevechallis.net/Rosenberg%27s-Goanna.php  We have a lot of unwanted rabbits, digging warrens in the area the goanna is frequenting, and I wonder if it is feasting on rabbits, or perhaps even using one of their burrows.  This one is a particularly large, fairly recent one.burrow



2 thoughts on “Goanna Up a Gum Tree

  1. Hi BB, I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey! What an absolutely stunning home you have. if I close my eyes I can hear the Bell birds and smell the eucalypts. Aaahh….
    Thanks for visiting my blog – it’s great to connect with another ‘sea/tree changer.’ I’m looking forward to reading future posts. Keep up the writing!

    • Glad you enjoyed the visit. When we first moved to Bermagui, we stayed at Birdsong Cottage. It was like living in a Bellbird aviary. People on the other end of the phone would ask what the sound was in the background. Here, we hear them with a little more distance. Yes, it is great to connect with other tree changers. I look forward to sharing stories.

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