It’s time for some grounding!

While turning the inside of our house into our home, it is so easy to be distracted by the outside.    We have unpacked everything.  Repacked some things we don’t want or need anymore.  Those things we will sell….soon.  First, more fun – the garden.  I’ve been gardening a mobile garden for the last couple of years.  It’s time for some grounding.


coffee tree

The Coffee Tree

This coffee tree has survived all the wrong positions.  It has been burned by the sun and the wind, and has lived in a pot for quite a while now.  It should have been a little more shaded and a lot more protected from the wind.  Where we have put it, it is protected from the westerlies by the water tank.  It gets lots of sun, hopefully not too much for its liking.  If I’ve hit the right spot, I should see berries in the not too distant future.  I will be harvesting the berries for eating and baking in fruit pies rather than harvesting for the bean.

fig tree

The Fig Tree

The little Fig should have been planted a long time ago.  Last summer under far from good conditions, it gave me one small fig.  I’m hoping for a couple more this year, then lots of new growth.  Figs don’t like winter winds, so it has taken a while to decide just where it would be happiest.  It has been planted near the chook yard, where the soil isn’t too bad and it is sheltered.  When it has grown it will be in quite a prominent position.  It sould look rather lovely I think.

As you can see in the background of the Fig tree, there is a vegie patch.  It was was here when we bought the property.

Clover was growing everywhere, so a lot of it was turned back into the soil.  Various plants had gone to seed, and there are now little surprises like potatoes, rocket, peas, and some sort of berry I’m not sure of, coming up throughout the patch.  Ive put in the numerous chilli plants I had in pots, as well as some thyme, and rosemary as well as some tomatoes that had been accidentally propagated from seed, and had grown in the pots of chilli.


The vegie patch

I’ve re-connected the irrigation system which had become blocked, so have added an inline filter.  I do wonder what the most efficient method of watering actually is.  If I water using a 10 litre watering can, I use 70 litresof our tank water.  I wonder how much I’m using when I use the irrigation system?  Water efficiency is something we are researching.  We have a dam.  I don’t know how much water it holds, but it would be good to use dam water for the garden especially when one considers that our 20,ooo litre tank has to keep us supplied with household water, and using 70 litres a day for the garden adds up…More on that subject later.


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