Our home

Our home

We have moved into our new home – lots to be done, and a lot has been done.  Today, even Lily the dog, is knackered!

even the bathroom sink


We’ve already changed a few things.  We’ve removed the succulents that were along the deck, and part of the deck has become a temporary carport for the beloved Mazda.

Bermi Blu - our new home









Our treechange to Bermagui has been progressive.  From the northern suburbs of Wollongong, to Birdsong at Bermagui, our friends’ shed, lots of real estate research, and contemplating building our own home, this little shed/house and its beautiful 5 acres has won our hearts.  This will be an evergrowing project.  Lots of trees to plant, (fruit and nut).  After all this is a ‘treechchange.’

Making this our home is interesting.  It is being done with respect to the previous owner, but I’m sure she would wonder why we have removed the succulents she’d planted, and why we will transplant some of the trees, just as we have wondered why the new owners at Thirroul have changed the garden there.  I guess we all have different visions.

Where the succulents were, I’ve planted some small plants, and am thinking of just having fragrant herbs.  Not sure yet.

As you can see, we bought the blue house to match our furniture.  Funny how that worked.  We drew layouts for weeks with our furniture in different places, never convinced we could make everything fit, let alone look as though it belonged, but the result is wonderful!front porch                                         The futon and chairs that were in the glassroom at Thirroul, fit perfectly on the deck.   The coffee table Keith made a couple of days ago from scraps, picked up from the local tip.

The rocks that bordered the garden bed by the deck, have become the surrounds of our firepit.  Its a great place to relax after a day in the garden.  As you can see by the ball, Lily loves this spot as well.  outdoor seating

From here there is a glimmer of the river and the ocean,  along with a glimmer of Mt Gulaga through the trees, as well as the western outlook of our land at sunset.


We have also achieved a great deal internally in the small amount of time we have been here.  Again, all our things look great in here!

Through the front door one enters the lounge room

Through the front door one enters the lounge room







On the left is the hallway to the bedrooms, bathroom and back door.  To the right is the dining room and kitchen.



Dining area, as seen from the kitchen.































Here’s the kitchen.  It’s a great kitchen, after living in the shed with a small caravan stove, and a bar fridge.  We even have a dishwasher.



Here’s the lounge room from the dining area.  With the doors and windows open in the afternoon, the regular noreasterly, we get in Bermagui, breezes through, cooling the entire living area on a hot day.

It’s good to be home!


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