Getting a feel for the land

We have been given access to our new property while the owner is away.  We visit and walk, getting a feel for the land.


The Garden Path

The Garden Path


“The Garden Path” runs down from the back gate through an area between two dams.  The Garden Path then opens up to some grass land,that often has the neighbours horses “mowing” it for us.  Beyond that is more bush, yet to be explored.





















There are a few thistles wanting to flower that I’m digging out before they become a lot more than a few, this time next year.



















The chook yard needs some attention.   It has been a long time since chooks have lived in the yard, and bunnies have taken over.  They have made themselves way too comfortable.  Each time I fill in a burrow, a new one appears.  As soon as we put up a new gate that should stop.

I’ve had to pull out a lot of growth, and I’ve removed all the torn netting that covered the yard.   The netting will need replacing, to keep eagles and other birds out.   Then the hen house will get a bit of a makeover.  Some new perches, and egg laying boxes, and it will be chook heaven.  I’m hoping to have it completed by  the time we move in, so that I can bring our 4 chooks with us.









This is Lily’s favourite spot.

Lily's Dam

Lily’s Dam

feel good Lily                                                                   Nothing like a swim in your own dam!


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