We first moved to Bermagui in August 2012 keen to research real estate in the area, in the hope of finding property that pulled at the heart strings, and would be around once we were financially free to buy.  We were hoping this would only be a couple of months.  It is now the 19th of May 2014.  Over that 21 months, there were properties that appealed….but things took a lot longer than we thought.  In the meantime, we kept window shopping.

We may not have nearly as much money as we were hoping for, but between us, we have three beautiful, loving, daughters, and supportive family and friends.  The stranglehold of our past has been severed, and we are cashed up and finally in the market to buy our next home.

The first house we looked at was an accidental visit.  We followed the signs to a garage sale at the address of a property for sale.  It’s a lovey home, that reminds me of the home we left.  It’s a 1930’s house  with character and history.

South River Road

South River Road

It was once the post office and was moved onto the property, a lovely 4.7 acres across the road from the river.  Bird life is abundant, with various native trees, shrubs and wetlands.  The current owners have been here for 20 odd years, raised their family here, and lovingly grew and nurtured their garden.

I dream of a vegie garden like this

I dream of a vegie garden like this!



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