Unexpected Changes

If you’d asked me back in October 2013 where I thought we would be in April 2014, I’d have said “We will be in our new home.”

So I thought, but things didn’t go according to plan as can be seen on our wed site http://pastwivestherapy.com/story/

We are now staying in a shed.  The shed was the home of friends while they built their beautiful dream home.  They  raised two daughters here while they built.

When I first visited them, a few years ago, they were still living in the shed.  Not that many months later, we feasted in the kitchen of their new home with delicious food and good wine.  Dishes  were later put through the new dishwasher…and most importantly we celebrated the new, inside flushing loo!

The dream home

The dream home

It wasn’t that long ago, that the idea of living in a shed for years was very unappealing.  The idea of building also unappealing.  I’d heard too many stories, and thought I needed more than a shed could offer….or did it all have something to do with living in a very small one bedroom house while my father was building it.  I remember living there before the roof was secured…I remember the outdoor loo.  I remember floor boards missing and straddling bearers and joists….big rains…hmmm.

Yet here we are in someone elses shed and I’m loving it!


The Shed

The Shed

With another delay in the outcome of our circumstances, we decided that if we couldn’t get a house yet, we’d get a dog instead (can’t keep putting everything on hold), therefore the new fence and gate around the shed, made from leftovers found on site…..Then along came four chickens –

Our first 4 chickens

Guess we won’t end up living in town with a Border Collie and chooks in the mix……

Nor am I sure how many eggs we will end up with the next time our house guest Monty comes to visit!

Monty Python

Monty Python




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