My partner had been visiting Bermagui and contemplating the Bermagui tree change for about ten years.  It was a much loved area by him, so one of our first trips away together was to Bermagui.  That trip was spring 3 years ago.  I remember the further south we drove, the greener, more vibrant the landscape became.  As we drove through the Tilba area, I sensed ….. a bit of a yearning.  I was amongst  glorious hills so reminiscent of the highlands I had lived in for years;  yet looking east, there was the ocean.  Here one really could have the best of both worlds, the mountains and the sea.

Between the mountains and the sea

By the time we stepped out on the verandah at Birdsong Cottage in Bermagui, I was moved.  Thick green lush foliage in the Australian bush like this I hadn’t seen for years, and the sound of the Bell birds, Bower Birds, various honey eaters and parrots was as if I’d walked into an avairy – and I had.  One without wire!

Lucky to have had the camera out for this one. He was gone within seconds!


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