Not that long ago we had our home in Thirroul, just north of Wollongong.  Thirroul was a wonderful place to live.  So much so, my partner had spent 34 years there.  It is a village by the sea side.  It’s not far from Wollongong for shopping or work, Sydney for some international entertainment, or the Southern Highlands for some inland beauty.

Our home was built in 1914.  It had history.  There had been children raised here.   More children should be raised here, and they will.  The house has been sold to a young family.  Time to move on.

The decision to move to Bermagui, was one contemplated for a long time.  Friends were in Bermagui.  It’s a captivating place the locals attribute to Mt. Gulaga, an aboriginal site.  Gulaga symolises the mother.   She protects and looks over the area and its people…… she draws one in.  The smaller mountain in the photo is Little Mt Dromedary or Najanuga, Gulaga’s son.  For a little more history:

Gulaga and Najanuga

The allure of Gulaga has me taking photos of her which will be published on as the seasons and time of day highlight her beauty.

In the meantime there is a process at hand for us.   It is letting us discover more of the beauty of this area, and where we would like to live in what is known as the Triangle, an area including Cobargo, Tilba, and Bermagui.  So we relax, enjoy….and try not to get too frustrated when we go to get anything out of our “house” in the storage shed we lease.


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