After almost two months of being at Birdsong Cottage in Bermagui, I need to write, need to empty my mind’s filing cabinet of beautiful images I’ve soaked up like sponge since being here;   empty my mind of too many accumulated thoughts.

Birdsong Cottage  –  a holiday accommodation cottage in the beautiful village of Bermagui.   Look it up on   or  The sound of Bell Birds  in the background, the aroma of lush eucalypt and rainforest surrounding us.  Home for a while.  A peaceful place to contemplate, find creativity again, and get to know Bermagui and its surrounds before buying a home of our own.


2 thoughts on “Birdsong Cottage

  1. Hi I enjoyed reading your blog. We are a young ‘alternative’ family thinking of moving down to Bermagui next year would you recommend it.for raising a young family? Did you find people welcoming?

    • Hi Anne,

      Sorry I didn’t respond earlier…lots happening. Bermagui is a lovely place and although I don’t have a young family, the young families I’ve come across seem to be happy here. The local school has a good reputation with a great sense of community. The people here are a diverse bunch – lots of artists, musicians, anglers, and surfers of course. There are young people raising children, and older folk retiring here. On the outskirts are some wonderful villages and beautiful country, all worthy of exploration.

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